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HIV Medical Negligence Misdiagnosis Through No Win No Fee Solicitors

In much of the health industry medical workers devote much of their lives to helping people each and every day. Although many health care workers are now stretched to the limit with long and and exhausting shifts and very little pay they still strive in most cases to do the best they can. Without many of the health care workers we have a lot of people would suffer. In order to provide an ultimate service hospitals have to be open around the clock offering constant treatment to those who need it.

However there are times when such care and assistants can fall below the standard in which the health care profession prides itself in. Even though such a breach of duty is not deliberately intended it can have in certain circumstances have devastating affects to the patient. It is vital to say that very often when the standard of care slips no medical staffs have set out to cause harm but have allowed the service they have provided to be of a substandard and as a medical professional providing a standard of care that is next to none should always be at the forefront of their minds.

What is Medical Misdiagnosis?

HIV Misdiagnosis & Medical NegligenceBeing misdiagnosed can in turn have huge effects on a person health as in many cases it has a knock on affect. When a patient is misdiagnosed it refers to the wrong detection of a particular condition. Being wrongly diagnosed can then lead on to a patient suffering further with their health actually deteriorating due to the fact that the condition they have is not being treated and therefore may be worsening. If you feel that you have been misdiagnosed in some way, may be you have been going to the doctors for a while with the same condition but it has only been discovered lately and your health has deteriorated as a consequence then you can make a claim for medical misdiagnosis by contacting No Win No Fee Solicitors who deal with medical negligence claims.

How Can HIV be Misdiagnosed?

The acronym term HIV, stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus which is a lifelong condition that has no cure. With many illnesses the immune system can often fight illnesses off or medication and treatment are used to help in the process of getting better. With HIV medication can only prolong a person’s life it cannot actually cure a person of the illness. The virus works by attacking the immune system which is a human’s defence system against illness. The immune system is put in place so that humans can fight off illness and sickness. The virus can be transmitted in a number of ways as it is contained within humans bodily fluids, the main to ways of transmitting the virus is through unprotected intercourse and the sharing of used needles. In order to test for HIV a blood test needs to be taken so that the blood can be examined and to see if the virus has been contracted.

Being misdiagnosed in the event of HIV can happen in several ways, these can include;

  • Screening tests which usually mean blood tests in this case can be read wrongly and the wrong results given to the patient.
  • Initial test results taken can get mixed up or filed wrong
  • Blood work in the lab can be labelled wrongly and persons details confused with another

What are the Consequences of being HIV Misdiagnosed?

With any illness being misdiagnosed can have huge consequences on the patients life. In the event of a person being wrongly diagnosed where they are told they do not have HIV but they actually do it can mean a delay in treatment. HIV can only be managed by medication there is no actual cure, an aspect of the medication that is provided is to prolong the patient’s life. Without such treatment being prescribed the patient can worsen and overall their life shortened. A major concern with being told that a person is HIV negative when really they have transmitted the virus is it being spread due to them being told that they are virus free. This can have grave effects as the virus can be passed on to innocent people.

In the event a person is told that they are HIV positive when the actual truth is that they are negative can still have consequences on a patient. Although when the actual correct diagnosis is given to the patient of being HIV negative it will be to say the least a relief that they never had a life long illness such as this but they might have changed their life in a way that is hard to reverse as they might have told people who may find it hard to believe that the testing was wrong. They may have also been on medication that may have harmed them as it was never needed. It may have also harmed them psychologically and may need on going treatment in this department.

How to Start a No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Claim for Misdiagnosis?

Most claims process start by informing the place where the negligent incident took place that there has been a breach of duty in their practise and that the breaching of such has in its after math caused consequences to your health. It is always more efficient to start any no win no fee medical negligence claim procedure by informing those responsible that the treatment in which you have received has been of a standard that is not acceptable even if you do not wish to purse a claim so that they can be aware that the service and treatment which they provide needs evaluating. Be sure to claim through a no win no fee solicitor that way if the claim is not successful you will not have to pay the solicitor any money.

The next step is to instruct a law firm that specialise in medical negligence possible who specialise in medical misdiagnosis as much of the claim procedure can be considered difficult as medical law is highly specialised. Even contacting a law firm can be done on-line by filling out a contact form and a highly trained member of the team will get back to you in order to assist you with your claim. Or if preferred you can speak to a solicitor who specialises in this area by making a call you can get the phone number by visiting MedicalNegligenceAssist.co.uk see if you have a valid claim for medical misdiagnosis. To find more information about medical negligence you can visit the medical innovation .

What is the Time Limit on Medical Misdiagnosis Claim Cases?

With most medical negligence misdiagnosis claim cases there is a 3 year time limit. So the victim has three years from the date of the incident to make a claim. However there are exceptions and these may include;

  • If a person under the age of 18 is a victim of medical negligence they have 3 years after they turn 18 to make a claim for medical negligence.
  • If a person is suffering from a mental illness they have 3 years after they recover from the mental illness to bring a claim forward.
  • If the person who has the mental illness does not recover from such an illness there is no time limit placed on the claim.