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Is There Life After HIV?

If you have just been told that you are HIV positive, chances are that you are fearful, alone, and simply overwhelmed. These feelings are natural and there is nothing to feel ashamed about. Be aware, that you are not alone, there are millions of people all around the world that live with this virus on a daily basis, and tons of people that have still managed to make the most out of their lives, despite their diagnosis.

There are varieties of people and resources that can help you, on this new path in your life. Even though your life is going to be forever changed, once you have been diagnosed, there is no way to reverse the diagnosis. Unlike other types of illnesses, the human body is unable to fight off HIV. In the past, if an individual were diagnosed with this condition, their death certificate was already written for them.

HIV, which is an acronym term for human immunodeficiency virus, is the virus that eventually causes AIDS. AIDS is the final progressive stage of the virus, and there is no cure for this state of the virus either. Just because you have been diagnosed with HIV, this does not mean that you have AIDS. There are new treatment options that are being introduced every single day for the condition, which is slowing down its progression, and stopping it from turning into the AIDS virus.


Trying to remain positive after receiving an HIV diagnosis is difficult to do. Knowing that you have a condition that there is no cure for can be rough. However, you should never allow the virus to take control of your life. True, it is a condition that is never going to go away. But, the condition can only get you down if you allow it to. As long as you take the proper steps to treating your condition, there is nothing that can stop you from living a relatively normal life, minus a few routine doctor’s visits that you will need to attend on a sporadic basis.

It is important to surround yourself with positive influences. If you surround yourself around people that feel sorry for you, then you will develop this feeling as well. Surround yourself around people that can see you for the person that you are, not for your condition. Do not allow negativity or negative people to be a part of your life. Thinking negatively and being around negative people is going to do nothing but bring you down. The last thing that you need is to live the rest of your life feeling sorry for yourself, because you have this virus.

Learn What Being HIV Positive Means

It is important to remember that knowledge is power. This is especially true, when information that can save your life is at stake. Do not be afraid to seek out information that will tell you more about your condition. Read websites that discuss the HIV virus, and talk to people that like you have been diagnosed with the virus.

Never be afraid to speak with your doctor about your condition. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make after being diagnosed is to wait to seek medical attention. You need to find yourself a doctor that you can trust. Your doctor needs to be the one person that you are not ashamed to discuss your condition with. Reach out to groups that focus on HIV. There are many different online and offline forums and groups that you can join. Knowing that you are not alone in the fight is a great way to remain positive. Focus your attention on the people that love and know you, and understand that there is life after being diagnosed with HIV.