Knowing When To Get Tested For HIV

The only way to slow down the progression of the HIV epidemic within the United Kingdom is for people to get tested. Knowing if you are HIV positive or negative, is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself; When HIV is diagnosed in the onset stages, your prognosis and your overall longevity increases; finding out if you have the virus while it is within its onset, will allow you to take advantage of treatment options earlier which will slow down the progression of the virus, substantially.

Early Detection Equals A Healthy Life

In the past, when HIV first began being seen as a problem, people who received the diagnosis that they had the virus, had to prepare themselves for the worst. First of all, medical technology was not as advanced as it is today. Therefore, by the time an individual discovered that they had the virus; there were no treatment options available that would stop its progression. An HIV diagnosis used to mean that an individual needed to begin planning for their funeral.

However, now, early detection means that you can live a healthy and productive life. Being diagnosed early on is better than waiting. If you suspect that you may have come in contact with someone who has the virus, or been exposed to it in any manner, you need to get tested. If you receive a positive result, then you need to seek out a specialist that can help you manage your condition.

Knowing Your Status Protects You And Others

Knowing that you have HIV is a lot better than not knowing if you have it or not. By not knowing, you not only put yourself at risk, but you put anyone that you engage in sexual encounters with at risk as well. Even if you end up getting into a relationship where you and the other party are both infected, it is still important to take proper steps to protect yourself when engaged in any type of sexual activity.

People That Know Their Status Can Make Informed Decisions

When you know that you are HIV positive, you can make smart decisions regarding your status. Contrary to popular belief, women that have HIV can still go on to have the families that they have always dreamed of. There are a wide variety of treatment options available that will stop a mother from being able to pass the virus onto her unborn child.

Take Precautions Early On

Knowing that you have the virus is a lot better than living your life pretending that everything is alright. People that know that they are infected are able to do things to eliminate spreading the virus to others, and are able to take care of themselves so that they can prolong their existence. The earlier that you see a doctor when infected, the earlier you can begin treatment options, which is means the less time that you will give the virus to progress.

It is commonsense to know when you should be tested for HIV. Typically, if you are a sexually active individual that sleeps with multiple people, then you should make it a point to be tested at least once a year. Males that are involved in homosexual relationships should be tested at least every six months. Most people know if they have been engaged in activities that could lead to an HIV infection. However, there are a lot of individuals that are afraid to get tested, because they fear what the tests will reveal. Living in fear is not going to make the virus go away.