Privacy Policy

Our site is committed to protecting the privacy of our site visitors. No personal information that could identify our visitors is ever collected, when frequenting our site. The only time that our site will gather information about our visitors, is when our visitors choose to openly disclose their information to us. However, even though none of your personal information will be taken without your permission, we do collect some data regarding your visit, to help us understand the way that the public utilizes our site. We will never collect information, and sell it to a third party, or utilise it for marketing purposes.

Typically, whenever you visit a website, the site will collect persistent cookies and session cookies. Session cookies are usually deleted after you vacate the site, but the persistent cookies will remain in your computer’s memory. Fortunately, our site does not utilize any cookies. Therefore, your visit to our site is completely confidential. Other websites will store information onto their sites, such as your computers IP address, the domain that you entered the site from, and the pages you have visited.

Our site will not collect this info, nor will we ever ask you to provide this information to us. The only way that our site will obtain information from you, is if you choose to register, or request additional information from us. If you do decide to contact us, then you will need to send us an email notification that will have various areas that need to be completed. The information we ask for on our contact forms, when you decide to reach out to us, is just so we can identify you, and answer any and all requests you may have expediently.

The information that you provide to us, when contacting us, will remain on file with the site for the course of fifteen days. This provides us with an ample amount of time to be able to reply to your request. After the fifteen day period has been reached, your information will then be purged from our systems. All information that we collect from you, for informational purposes will be destroyed.

Some third parties may have access to your personal information, if you send us a question, or request further information related to something that you have seen on our site. The contractors that we give your information to, are held to high privacy guidelines, and are not allowed to divulge any of your personal information to any outside entities. On some occasions, we may send out questionnaires and surveys, asking you to rate the efficiency of our site. The studies we send out are simply queries, and you are not obligated to respond to them, in order to remain a registered member of our site.

We understand how important your privacy is, and how much you treasure your personal information. The privacy standards that we uphold are optimum. You will never have to worry about your information being divulged, or any questions or queries that you have being taken adversely.